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Our goal in launching our successful bike rental was to learn what it takes to make an ideal city bicycle. In 2008, with no procrastination, we designed and built our first line of Shulz city bikes. Since then, our product line-up has been expanding every year along with our number of sales simply because we are committed to making truly great bikes!

Shulz Europe

Olga Galinskaya

sales manager

Olga has been with our team since 2007. She’s our chief specialist in crisis management and likes to think of herself as irreplaceable. She excels at multiple tasking and can be unloading containers, training staff and get someone else’s job done all at the same time. She expresses herself with unusual hair styles and is in love with a drummer.

Elena Gracheva

bookkeeping guru

Elena is document guru and the pillar of our office. If aliens attacked, she would have a pencil and accountant software as her weapon of choice. She combines a great qualities of caring for others with sarcastic reflection. She is a genuine workaholic that tames her hangover with random jobs on the side.

Dmitry ‘Fox’ Ershov


Besides handling daily deliveries at the shop, Dmitry also runs a ski service in the winter and serves as a bike mechanic on tours and events. He loves to tinker with old muscle cars when off work and feels at home with any sport inventory — be it a deck, board, kite or sail. He’s responsive and friendly, but often offline because loves to forget his phone at home.

Vlado Vuzic

Tel: (+49) 0172–607 39 52
Mob.: (+49) 0172–607 39 52

Alexandr Ivanov


Since childhood Alexander dreamed of building his own bikes and never let go his dream until it came true. For years he has actively contributed to our bicycle designs by approving the color and component choices and supervising the final stages of our production in China. He’s also our eyes and ears at all the leading bike shows.

Yura Birukov

public relations

Yuri does just about everything in order to know how to answer a question about just about anything. Besides covering our magazine and internet publications, social media and photography duties, Yuri’s also manages all of our events involving bicycles, including tours, «Bike Kompakt» — an annual folding bike race, The Shulz Bike Owner’s Club meetings and all that jazz.

Dmitry ‘Fish’ Gruzdev

bicycle repairman

Dmitry, a locally famous bike technician whose affection for bicycles, has influenced the brand’s design since day one. He’s such a charming person that even owners of smoothly running bikes bringing them to Dmitry for a check up just to hear his frank and friendly advice. Dmitry is now managing his own bike service.

Daniel Begak

bicycle repairman

Daniel is direct descendant of Count Vorontsov, a first generation bike technician and a graduate of St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. He assembles and adjusts every Shulz bicycle that makes it to our shop while glancing at currency exchange rates on his computer screen from time to time. He is always attentive and ready to help.

Sergey Renzin

bicycle repairman

Скромный и экономный, скуп на слова и не любит рассказывать о себе. Непотомственный музыкант — играет на бас-гитаре и поет. Умеет кататься на велосипеде. После первого бокала превращается в шальную императрицу.

Roman Pyutt

bicycle repairman

В переводе с эстонского его фамилия означает «маленький бочонок пива». Родился «с велосипедом между ног», чему сам удивился не меньше персонала роддома. По образованию токарь, но в душе — без скромного преувеличения ангел: любит босиком не только гулять, но и спать, высунув ноги из под одеяла.

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Von-Ingelheimer-Str. 3, 63839 Kleinwallstadt
Eingetragen beim Amtsgericht Aschaffenburg, HRB-Nr.: 8798
Bankverbindung: Hypovereinsbank Aschaffenburg
IBAN: DE91 79520070 0366808558

Bank details

Von-Ingelheimer-Str. 3, 63839 Kleinwallstadt
Eingetragen beim Amtsgericht Aschaffenburg, HRB-Nr.: 8798
Bankverbindung: Hypovereinsbank Aschaffenburg
IBAN: DE91 79520070 0366808558